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Happy Holidays everyone!!! This year I want to send a gift to my fans and followers!! I hope you’ve all been nice this year, because I’ve been naughty enough for all of of us! But naughty or nice everyone deserves presents!! I’ll be signing xmas cards as well as offering posters, magnets and one of a kind polaroids!


Magnets and poster images are below. The polaroids will all be one of a kind and xmas themed, probably taken somewhere in my house scantily clad 🙂 I wish I had some xmas pics for the posters and magnets but this was just an idea that came to me at like 5am and I want to make sure y’all get your gifts and cards on time!!! Most of the cost of these items are just for shipping and production. But whatever is left will be spent on gloves, socks and towels for the homeless!!! Helping the homeless has always been something very important to me, and I’ve always donated whenever I can. I live in an area full of homeless people and I really do think they are harmless and doing they best they can. I once had a friend, his name was Johnny Jenkins, he hung out at a park near my house. I saw him every morning while walking Bane and we always hung out a bit and talked. He told me stories of where he was from (all over the carribean) he told me he served in the army, and the things he saw there. He told me how he ended up homeless and the programs that were set in place for people in his position. We shared granola bars and talked about the area and how it was forever changing. He often needed subway tokens to get to his meeting to check in with the officials and i’d give him a few whenever I could. He told me about the druggies that hang out in the park at night and how often they threaten his life. I really felt he was someone who was just trying to do his best without anyone in the world to help. Being his friend was a humbling and very real experience, and one day he was gone. His suitcase and shopping cart were gone from his corner and I never saw him again. I think about him often though. And i hope he is ok.

That being said trying to spread the joy this season, and it would mean so much to be able to go to the shelter this year with a bunch of great gifts for people in need from me, and all of you!!! Helping the homeless is something very near and dear to my heart and we can all pitch in to help. So buy yourself and gift and help Santa Carli bring a big bag of goodies to the people who need them this year! With your help we can make someones winter a whole lot better! I’ll be posting pics to my twitter of the items that will be given to the homeless. I’ll be handing them out dec 23rd 2015!!!

I have awesome xmas cards to send out to ya as well! So, let so this 😀


Note: If you’d like your poster signed too please put that as a note with your order!!


Option 1 Black and White



Option 2 Harley 


Option 3 Squeaky Clean 





A photo diary of my day modelling for Northbound Leather

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I’d like to start off by saying I love working with the people at Northbound leather. Not for the fashion, or the kink or anything freaky, but because the people in the show and in the scene are so beautiful and open minded that I’ve never ever felt unwelcome. They’ve always been so warm and supportive that it keeps me coming back. THe fetish community may seem a bit intimidating but I can honestly say this, when you’re in a crowd of ‘freaks’ There’s no judgement, there’s no racism or prejudice, only good vibes. I feel so honoured to have been chosen again this year for thier show (last year i walked the runway with the flu and a lung infection and felt i couldnt give it my all) this year I was healthy and gave it my all. What a nice full of old friends and new ones. Watch for my coverage of the show coming soon on naked news!!

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Director Paul is going through the final rehearsals while I take a moment to take a selfie


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We were there at 1pm to rehearse for the show, when ppl started to arrive I felt so excited and confident that we were gonna rock that runway. The show started at 11pm, it was a long day!

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They had this sexy photoshoot set up in with the nights Chakra theme in mind, beautiful!


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oh hey look, we even had a playroom dungeon for the party goers to get their freak on. I just like to watch


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I just had to cover this even for NN, so I got in a couple interviews before the show started. Pheonix and his snake Prada are both in the show too!

Backstage, waiting for the action to begin…the last moments in our civilian clothing. 

All I have left to say is… the show was amazing, everyone looked fantastic and there was so much love from the crowd that night <3 Here’s a few pics from the show and the rest of the night



Hope it you enjoyed my little photo diary of the day and if you can make it to a Northbound show, come, you wont regret it. Or check out their fabulous creations at I’m getting one of the pieces I wore, just trust me, their leather feels so so good!


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I’ve always read biographies. Not only about bands but about anyone that lived an extraordinary life. I always wondered how people got to be who they are and what the road was like to get there.

Here are a few of my faves I’ve read so far





Here’s some I really want to read but can never find it in stores

  and Unti Donnie Andrews Story


Currently reading:

For the ones that make your jaw drop

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Its not uncommon for us to hear a song that makes us think of a person. Maybe it because you heard that song for the first time with someone. Or the lyrics remind you of someone. Or maybe just the vibe of that song makes you think of one person. Its funny once you decide thats THEIR song it just sort of sticks.


Well here’s a song for those moments when you see someone so amazing your jaw drops and you forget all your words. For the ones you cant take your eyes off of and all there is is HEAT AND PASSION, and you wonder to yourself… sugar, how’d you get so fly??

Here’s to the ones to make us feel lost in time when we are with them <3 Now grab that person and dance with them to this song!!